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What is a ClearMirror?

ClearMirror is the permanent solution to foggy shower and vanity mirrors. The Shower and ShowerLite ClearMirrors are approved for the shower and include a mirror and a transformer to keep you safe in the shower. Our vanity solutions may include heating pads and/or mirrors to allow for fog free shaving at the vanity.

How do mirror defoggers work?

To prevent fogging and condensation on a mirror surface, the mirror must be warmed to a temperature warmer than the dew point, to promote evaporation vs. condensation. ClearMirror defoggers address this problem. Our defogging heating pads attach directly to the back of the mirror. When powered on, the mirror heater gently warms the mirror, keeping the surface fog free for a perfect shave or spa treatment.

ClearMirror History

ClearMirror was established in 1998. Our products are installed in thousands of hotel, residential, spa, motorhome and yacht bathrooms around the world.
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How do I take care of a ClearMirror?

Only use normal glass and mirror cleaners. Spray onto a microfiber cloth to clean your mirror.

Never spray your mirror directly with any chemicals.

How can I get more product information?

Email us at, or call us at 651.251.9036 for additional help.

Can I buy a standard size defogger and install it on my own mirror?

Tell us what you are looking for and we will try to match you with the correct heater size and transformer.

Email your request to

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

We ship within USA and Canada. For international orders, please email or call us for a quote.

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How do you install a ClearMirror?

Please refer to individual product pages for links to specifications and installation guides, along with the Design Resources page.

Can Shower or ShowerLite ClearMirror be used with KERDI/Wedi shower systems?

Yes. Our mirrors may be adhered to the wall board with KERDI FIX and Wedi 610 adhesives.

Does shower mirror installation impact framing?

The framing will not be impacted. A typical installation includes the removal of the backer board immediately behind the areas of the LED lights. Call or email us, we look forward to helping you. 651.251.9036​

Can I use more than one ClearMirror heater alongside another?

Yes you can, but don't overlap them and make sure that the power supply is sufficient for the extra power draw. We can help if you have any concerns or questions. Email or call 651.251.9036.

Safety & Certifications

All ClearMirror products are UL and C-UL approved and listed.

The Shower ClearMirror and the ShowerLite are low-voltage and completely sealed to ensure safe operation.

All electrical work must be completed to national and local electrical codes.

C UL US Listed

Professional & Project Pricing

Do you offer professional and volume purchase discounts?

Call or email us directly for commercial or multi-unit projects. We offer a trade discount to professionals and will quote your multi-unit projects individually. Request a quote for your custom project today. | 651.251.9036​


Can I customize a ClearMirror?

For custom projects, please contact us or submit a quote request. | 651.251.9036​


ClearMirror Warranty

Most ClearMirror products come with a 5-year warranty on materials.

We do not warranty parts that we did not include with the original purchase, nor do we cover labor for replacement parts.

The new Clarity ClearMirror is battery operated and holds a 1-year warranty.

Mirrors that are installed incorrectly or that have turned black, are not included in the warranty.

We are here to help. Contact us with further questions.


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