Now Illuminating the National Hardware Show: The ShowerLite™ Heated, Lighted Fog-free Shower Mirror
February 21, 2013

It’s a luxurious – and brilliant – shower indulgence, combining a permanent fog-free shower mirror with glowing accents and creating a stylish addition to any bathroom remodel or construction project. The new ShowerLite™ mirror features two soft-glowing light strips to make shaving and makeup removal easier while remaining warm and comfortable inside the shower.

Available in March 2013, ShowerLite will be on display in booth #3408 and showcased as part of New Product World at the National Hardware Show, May 7–9, 2013 in Las Vegas.

A blend of convenience and high-tech luxury, the patented ShowerLite is a new adaptation of the popular Shower ClearMirror, an innovative fog-free in-shower mirror. Its ultra-thin light source allows the mirror to install flush with the tile, opening up countless design possibilities. The back of the mirror contains LED light pads and a heating pad with electrical leads that can easily be connected to a low-voltage system or a switched outlet. Pricing for the 12-by-12-inch ShowerLite model starts at $545 when purchased directly from the ClearMirror website.

ClearMirror manufacturer NewHome Bath and Mirror, Inc., is the leading provider of fogless mirrors for the shower and vanity, and the sole manufacturer of electric heated shower mirrors that gently warm to 102°F and eliminate condensation. Thousands of people around the country have experienced ClearMirror products in the finest homes, hotels, watercraft and recreation vehicles.

The ShowerLite ships fully assembled and will be available at leading bath and plumbing showrooms across the country, online at and other well-known online retailers.

About ClearMirror
The Original ClearMirror for the bathroom vanity debuted in 1998, with its descendent – the Shower ClearMirror – hitting the market shortly after. ShowerLite will be available in March 2013. All three products utilize specially-designed mirror heaters that are adhered to the backs of mirrors, keeping them fog free in the steamiest conditions. With the simple flip of a switch, the ClearMirror pad begins heating, providing a fogless mirror at all times for applying makeup, shaving, styling your hair or for any time you need clear vision. The ClearMirror uses a flexible heating element that installs easily, meets international safety standards and is available in 12, 24, 120 and 240 volts.

ClearMirror manufacturer NewHome Bath and Mirror, Inc., located in Woodbury, Minn., is the leading provider of fogless mirrors for the shower and vanity. NewHome is affiliated with Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co., which has more than 70 years of manufacturing and metal stamping excellence. Visit for more information and to purchase products.

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