ClearMirror Case Study – Regency Lodge Hotel
January 19, 2012

When Corey and Shana Johnson had the task of remodeling the Regency Lodge Hotel in Omaha, Neb., they wanted to give the hotel a luxurious facelift. One piece of the multi-million dollar renovation was installing fogless mirrors by ClearMirror in each unit’s bathroom.

“It’s an extra little luxury perk that is easy to install and forget about because there is absolutely no maintenance,” said Regency Lodge Hotel chief engineer Corey Johnson.

The hotel installed 146 Original ClearMirror heating pads in 2001 and its guests have been raving over them ever since. The ClearMirror heating pad is adhered behind an existing vanity mirror, and keeps the vanity mirror fog-free while one person showers and the other person needs a fogless reflection.

“Guests appreciate the little things that a room can offer,” said Shana, the Regency Lodge Hotel’s general manager. “They love the fact that no matter how steamy the bathroom is, they can see into the mirror as soon as they get out of the shower. People are most appreciative of ClearMirror when there are four guests per room and there is no wait to get ready after a shower.” When guests ask where they can buy a mirror like that, Shana explains that it isn’t just the mirror, it’s the fogless technology behind it.

Corey said he is very happy they installed ClearMirror not only for the luxury of fogless mirror technology, but also for guest convenience. The hotel even touts the fogless technology on its website.

“We do whatever we can to enhance our guests’ experience at the Regency Lodge, and ClearMirror is a simple but extraordinary way to do this,” Corey said. “I’m so happy our guests are just as impressed with this product as we are.”

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